Watch craft demos and take part in workshops!



Our talented experts specialising in Britain’s traditional and heritage crafts, such as basketry, willow-weaving and woodcarving, will demonstrate first-hand their incredible flair, passion and unique techniques.

Did you know? Many heritage crafts now listed on the ‘Red List of Endangered Crafts’ so it’s now more than ever that we need to celebrate and support these wonderful craft traditions and skillsets.

Check out the demonstrators who are joining us:

*NEW* Bills Workshop – Blacksmithing and bespoke woodwork

Kent Woodcarvers – Bringing together carvers to encourage and promote woodcarving

Sussex Willow Baskets – Traditional and on-trend contemporary English bespoke baskets

Willowpool Designs – Demonstrations, workshops and displays of contemporary and traditional willow weaving

*NEW *Taylormade – Demonstrating unique traditional techniques on oak and ash

Adam King – Traditional besom brooms, gypsy flowers and love spoons


We are also offering interactive workshops for grown-ups to get involved in. These workshops are not pre-bookable in advance and are subject to availability so make sure you check them out when you arrive so you can book your preferred time slot during your visit!

Check out the workshops on offer:

Chocolate Genie

Belgian Chocolate Truffles Workshop £8.50 | 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm & 4pm (approx 25 mins per session)

Do you want to learn how to make your own Belgian chocolate truffles? Chocolate Genie will teach you the steps from how to pipe a filling, to chocolate dipping and decorating six tasty truffles. Finally, you’ll gift wrap your delicious chocolates to enjoy at home… if you can wait that long!

The truffle making workshop is designed for adults.  However, they are happy to accept older children on the condition that they must be capable without any adult input.

Willowpool Designs

Sustainable Catalan Platters   £30.00 | 11am – 12pm daily

These platters are easy to make and have many uses around the home. Ideal for serving cheese, bread, fruit &  scones. Use when foraging for mushrooms and herbs. They make excellent trivets for hot pans or simply hang them on the wall to enjoy their rustic features. Create a lovely pattern using a variety of willows.

This workshop is suitable for beginners.

Sustainable Hearts or Stars  £30.00 | 1:30pm – 2:30pm daily

Willow is a wonderful material to use for sculptures. Make your own decorative natural star or heart for the home or garden. This workshop will show you how to create a heart or star using various techniques. You will have a selection of naturally coloured willow to choose from. Use for the home or garden and decorate with lights or flowers for parties or weddings. 

This workshop is suitable for beginners.