Talented experts specialising in Britain’s traditional and heritage crafts



Our talented experts specialising in Britain’s traditional and heritage crafts, such as basketry, willow-weaving and woodcarving, will demonstrate first-hand their incredible flair, passion and unique techniques.

Did you know? Many heritage crafts now listed on the ‘Red List of Endangered Crafts’ so it’s now more than ever that we need to celebrate and support these wonderful craft traditions and skillsets.

Check out the demonstrators who are joining us:

Bills Workshop – Blacksmithing and bespoke woodwork

Tree Top Carvings  – Chainsaw wood sculptor

Sussex Willow Baskets – Traditional and on-trend contemporary English bespoke baskets

Willowpool Designs – Demonstrations, workshops and displays of contemporary and traditional willow weaving

Taylormade – Demonstrating unique traditional techniques on oak and ash

Adam King – Traditional besom brooms, gypsy flowers and love spoons

Berkshire Woodturners – A friendly club of woodturners, demonstrating their different abilities

Watsons Hurdles  – Traditional English hurdles and thatching spars.  Hand made to your requirements.